About Us

Who we are...

Aqua Venture Ltd. Part. is a family ran business providing high quality aquatic plants that are clean, healthy and pest free. When my parents started this business over 15 years ago, I was only a young boy in my early teens. Now I am a proud father of a hansome young boy of my own and starting to really understand the value of a family. I believe that our business should also be ran like a family - loyal, honest and loving.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we can ensure you that we know aquatic plants and the process of exportation. Our team is well diverse and many of them has been with us since the beginning.

Our newly built tissue culture (in vitro) laboratory is over 500 sqm with a capacity to produce over 10,000 pieces of pest free plants weekly. The facility is also used for further development of new and rare plant species. We feel that in bringing as many species of plants into our laboratory will not only provide us with an abundance of plants but also help preserve rare species.



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